GentleApril20: the Stories

Mmph, groggy this morning… I like my melatonin gummis, but sometimes it’s hard to wake up right away.

And then we discovered that, for some reason, there wasn’t any water in the carafe of the coffee maker, so coffee wasn’t waiting for us as we rolled out of bed. That was easily fixed, but it did cause a moment of panic.

Now I’ve settled down at my laptop, and immediately my sweet gray kitty-girl has kicked the door open and is complaining like she does, hopping/clawing into my lap, complaining as she settles down, and now her purring, sleeping head is nooked into my elbow. With all things in place, I can finally get down to business.

I’ve been slow to install the stories on the website this round. Struggling against depression and worldwide anxiety, action has been slow in coming but it happens. I uploaded stories as they initially came in, in batches of about four at a time, sending out confirmation days late. But all stories will get installed, and all writers will know they’ve been taken care of.

Now it’s Friday, May 1 (boycott Amazon and Whole Foods, Instacart, Target! Support the general strike, support the exploited labor class!), and the deadline to submit entries was last night. That means most entries were submitted last night. As of yesterday morning, out of 52 sign-ups, a dozen stories were installed on the website. Now, let’s just log into my Size Riot email and see…

Criminetly, Dr. Science.

Okay! Twenty more stories, many still emanating panic and sweat, but they’re in. I’m uploading them to the site, I’m sending out confirmations, and the stories of GentleApril20 are up and ready to go.

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