Cheating a Little, pt 4

“Holy fuck,” Ricky said quietly. Miranda’s beautiful breasts hung apart, just beyond her chin. The powerful thighs between which he’d recently lain now scissored shut and shifted luxuriously against each other. Could they have crushed him? Would they just have held him sandwiched, flattened? It was all hard to think about as the broad, living bed of her tongue fluttered and massaged his little body. “Miranda, what are you doing?” His voice hung in the darkness. There was no way for her to respond, but to demonstrate with exactly what she was doing right now.

The blunt, blind tip of her tongue slid all over his body: bumping into his armpits, roughly spreading his legs and nudging into his balls, dragging roughly over his spine. He laughed at the thought forming in his mind, how he felt like a lollipop in this moment. But that was it: she was cleaning him, and the realization nearly blew his mind.

His gigantic ex-girlfriend was sucking him off. Not his penis, all of him, all at once! He was lodged in those beautiful, fat lips and her tongue was ravishing him like a greedy, restless lover. He tried to hug her tongue, to show her how he felt right now, but it always writhed away, so much stronger than all the muscles in his little body. He had to content himself with pressing hot little kisses into her bottom lip, straining to reach wherever he could.

Miranda pressed the little body against the roof of her mouth. She could feel the ridge of his lower ribs, where his pelvis jutted, and how his legs stretched over her tongue. Both hands massaged her breasts as she lay there, letting her hips cool down. Sometimes he moved like he was struggling against her tongue, and other times she could feel him wrapping his arms and legs around it. In all their old talks about his pervy little fetish, she had never imagined that she could get into such a thing. It was cute, yes, having a tiny boyfriend to push around and play with, but the thought of being intimate with someone so weak and inadequate was beyond her imagination.

This was nice, however. That wasn’t the hardest she’d ever cum, but it was still different. Having that tiny little man inside her, knowing she could accidentally snap his neck at any moment, and she didn’t even know if she could crush his little body with her cooch, somehow that heightened the experience for her. Having to be careful, fighting against wanting more… and this was her ex-boyfriend. This was a real person, not some little toy he was posing next to her crotch, not some stupid action figure. It was Ricky Welch. She knew him, she dated him. She could still feel his weight upon her, when she recalled how they made love. She remembered how big his eyes got when he knew she was about to cum, how he asked her to spoon him sometimes. She’d lie there with the scent of his hair in her face, his bony hips couched in hers, and he’d suck on her fingers until he fell asleep.

And he’d been inside her pussy. Completely inside, totally inside. It was crazy to think about, taking a full-grown adult and shoving him inside her pussy. How was that even possible? What was in those candies? It would be unbelievable except now he was humping her tongue.

She bunched her tongue up against his thighs and carefully pushed him out into her palm. “Hey, babe,” she whispered. “You cum yet?” He said he hadn’t. “Would you like to?” He said he would, and she rolled onto her side, holding him carefully before her face. “I’m so sorry, I totally forgot. That was always your way, making sure I came first. I liked that about you, you were a real gentleman that way. No one else ever did that for me. Shit, there’s a ton of things I miss about you, Ricky. Why’d you have to go and fuck around like that?” He didn’t know, and he was asking himself the same thing. “Well, now I have you forever and you have to do whatever I say.”

Ricky stiffened. “Hold on a second. What did you just say?”

She laughed, turning her head to muffle herself in the pillow. “I’m just messing with you! I wanted to see what you’d do if I said that. That was the funniest goddamn shit I’ve seen in my life.” Now she propped herself up on her elbows and knees, her hand a platform just above the pillows, right in front of her face. It wouldn’t have been much of a fall at all if he rolled out of her hand, but he sat cross-legged in her palm and blinked up at her. He was awfully adorable like this, so small and cute, and now he smelled like her, too. My little lover, my personal, private little lover. She grinned at him and he grinned back.

“I’m gonna let you do something I’d never let you do when you were, like, big-sized. You know what that is?”

He stared into her huge, mahogany eyes, dizzy in her gaze. “I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Her huge, thick lips puckered and rammed into him.

“But you gotta be quick, because I don’t know how much time we got.” Carefully she twisted her wrist around, holding him upright as she reached back and dumped him onto her butt. “You okay back there? I’m assuming you are ’cause I didn’t feel you fall. I know you love my big ol’ booty, and I don’t think it can get bigger than this for you. And I know you always wanted to fuck me there, but I always told you it’d hurt too much. I don’t think that’s a factor now.” She giggled and gave her hips a slight shake. “Go on and get in there, babe, get yourself off.”

Ricky threw himself flat to the hemisphere of her ass and hips. All around, the surface of her skin dropped sharply to the bed. The fall wouldn’t hurt at all, of course, but he didn’t want to leave where he was, not for all the money in the world. Was Miranda really doing this? Was she serious? He crawled back to where the deep crevice started between her plump butt cheeks, leaving the slope of her spine and spill of raven hair behind. Just over the hillside of her skin she could see her bare heels poking up in the distance, her calves disappearing behind the curvature of her rump.

Even if she’s not serious, I gotta pounce on this while it’s here. Ricky turned himself around and slowly lowered himself into the crack of his ex-girlfriend’s ass. Her cheeks rose up steeply on either side, and he was able to wedge himself between them to keep from sliding off. The position spread them, sure, but she had such a bubble-butt that they still sat fairly close.

His toes brushed against wrinkly skin, and the massive cheeks trembled around him. “That tickles!” boomed the giantess’s voice, far away. “Sorry,” he said, but continued creeping downward along her ass crack. His knee ran along the wrinkles leading to her asshole, and then his hips slid over the sphincter as well. Biting his lip, Ricky looked around for anything to hold onto, but there was nothing. Miranda was smooth and bald down here, except for some tiny, transparent hairs around her asshole, and her pubes didn’t start until even further down, around her pussy. He took a deep breath and lay down, lining himself along her crack as best he could, stretching his arms overhead for more surface area to cling to. He couldn’t jack off or anything to get started: all he could do was grind his narrow hips into the wide asshole beneath him and trust nature to take its course.

Miranda clamped her hand over her mouth, trying not to squeal. He was so damn ticklish! Was he doing that on purpose? Once again she wished she had a camera to see what this looked like. Tiny little man crawling down his lover’s huge ass like an ant or something, that had to be amazing to see. She paused: Miranda knew Ricky said she had a cute pussy, but what did her asshole look like? That never came up before. Was it also cute? Shit, when was the last time she washed? She never took her shower this morning! She scowled, hoping she wasn’t stinky down there. Ricky would say something if she was. Wouldn’t he?

She stared into her headboard, trying to piece together all the tiny strokes and bumps and movements going on between her buttocks. It was weird, because she’d never had to pay so much attention to something like this before. Like, if she went out for Mexican or Thai, sure, sometimes her ass would be swollen and burning the next day, but that was obvious. That was big and blatant, the opposite of subtle. What was Ricky doing back there? Was he even at her asshole yet? She wanted to reach back and feel around for him, but instead she folded her hands and looked at her nails and tried to interpret the gentle touches going on between her cheeks.

Fortunately, Ricky’s cock sprang to life almost immediately. He looked down at it, laughing at how it ran over the bumpy fissures of her sphincter, like it didn’t know where to start. He lined it up in a wrinkle, then ground his hips to press his hard-on into it, and that worked for a little bit. “I’m humping a wrinkle in your ass” is a sentence he never dreamed of having to say in his life, but here he was. The tip of his cock disappeared and reemerged in the folds of skin as he rocked his hips, and that was fun for a while, but if he was going to cum, he wanted it to count. With his cock nice and hard, he put pressure on his chest and knees to lift his hips away. His cock swayed slightly but more or less pointed dead into the center of her asshole, as if attracted to it. He really wished he could spit on it or use some of her juices to get it nice and slippery, but that wasn’t an option right now. All he could do was carefully guide the tip into what looked like a bundle of knobby flesh, the center of which might be the way into her ass.

The head of his cock nudged against a mound of tissue, caught, then swung away.

He chewed his lip and tried again, aiming for a dip in the mounds. It was dark, and he was sighting it at a bad angle.

His cock touched the mound again, swung, then settled into the slight dip. Slowly he pushed his hips forward. The wrinkles of her anus tugged against his foreskin, peeling it back but not painfully so. She was very warm down here and not exactly moist, but humid enough to let him glide along.

Balmy tissues kissed at his penis, first the tip and then all the way down his shaft. Tingles ran up and down his body at the contact and he sighed, shoving his cock in down to the hilt. His ass clenched as he gave a few experimental pumps, making sure he was in all the way and wouldn’t just fall out. Swollen tissues hugged at his cock and seemed unwilling to let him go, and so he tried longer thrusts, pulling back further and jamming himself in until her anus bulged into his hips. “Holy shit, I can’t believe this,” he murmured, a smile spreading over his face. All there was for him to look at was the valley of her ass crack, or up at the twin hillsides where it began. Now he wished he had a camera or some way of watching himself from a distance. What did it look like to see a tiny man pumping away at this woman’s gigantic, beautiful ass? He couldn’t tell, all he could see were the planetary spheres of caramel skin rising around him. So much bigger than him, now, so much huger! Could they crush him, he wondered, building up speed with his thrusts. Would they just entrap him? And what if she farted right now: could she blow him off her ass, or would her asshole just open up and let him shove himself in deeper? His thoughts raced, so he struggled to restrain them all and focus on the moment, be present in his ex-girlfriend’s ass, stabbing her anus with his tiny little penis with full intention.

It was great. It was amazing! It wasn’t exactly tight, not at his dimensions, but he could definitely build up some friction, jabbing his cock where her hole clenched and stuck shut. The wrinkles leading to her asshole rippled over his abs. Ricky rested his face into the valley of her crack, to help him concentrate. His fingers had been here many times, as her lover, and no further. So many times he’d groped her ass, relishing the weight and heaviness of her cheek, while surreptitiously creeping his fingers in closer and closer until she punched him.

If she punched him now, she would crush him into a paste.

The way he wiggled between her cheeks, Miranda was fairly sure Ricky had found his stride. It was less ticklish now, and not quite irritating, but it wasn’t very interesting for her. She wished she had her phone, actually: she could check messages and text her friends while Ricky fucked her butthole to his heart’s content. She hoped he was appreciating this! This was a special favor she was extending him, letting him get off in her ass. He’d always wanted to, when he was big, but she thought it was disgusting and her girlfriends told her it was painful. Why did men always want to go up women’s asses, anyway? Didn’t they know that’s where shit comes out?

Sighing, she looked around the unmade bedroom and listened. Bruce was still drilling and hammering shit outside. That was good, let the big boy play with his toys as long as he wanted, just keep him out of the bedroom for the time being. She felt a little bad at that thought, fucking around with her ex while her actual boyfriend was right outside, building the property up to improve it. But was this really cheating? Ricky was, like, half the size of her vibrator, if that. It’s not like she’d led a real, full-size man into her room: he was just a fuck-toy right now. Sure. He didn’t count as a person. He was a possession, an item, a toy. That’s all. It’s not like she loved him anymore or anything, not enough to get rid of Bruce and put all her eggs in Ricky’s basket again. But she could keep little Ricky on the side, stashed away somewhere, while giving Bruce all the loving he needed. There was nothing wrong with that, surely.

Ricky bucked himself as hard as he could, all things considered. The massive ass cheeks pressed around him, wedging him deeply within the giantess’s crack, but he rammed his cock into her as hard as he could. He gasped for air, tasting her sweat and the salt on her skin, as warm as her inner body. Sweat beaded in his hair and ran down his cheeks, sprayed onto her skin, but he couldn’t think about that. His cock was raging, and his whole concentration was on pumping in Miranda’s huge asshole. She could change her mind at any moment. He gritted his teeth and fucked the swollen mound as hard as he could. She could just get bored and roll over and drop me, or pull me out. She could even scratch her butt and overshoot her mark. Why was he thinking of these things? He growled and bounced his little body off her skin, plunging into her asshole every time. His cock started to burn with the friction, too much rubbing around without any lubrication, but he was determined. He turned the pain into an intense pleasure, or tried to, and thrust harder into the wrinkly nub of tissues.

Yes, he was coming, but it was a slow burn. He laughed at himself briefly and held his breath, trying to urge it along. It would really have been helpful to see him from outside himself, staring at Miranda’s perfect, huge ass and watching a tiny little man struggling deep in her crack. The thought was enough… yes, he pictured his movements, his own bare butt bouncing up and down like the vibration of a tuning fork. He peeked down at himself and saw his cock, not a small erection, disappearing entirely within Miranda’s swollen asshole. “Oh, God,”‌ he choked out, as energy ran up his legs and pressure built behind his balls. “Fucking… Miranda…” He wanted so badly to slap her ass or dig his nails into her pliant flesh. Her ass could take any punishment and bounce back for more. Instead, he was lodged between those creamy spheres, stuck deep inside them, yes, fucking her asshole, her asshole sucking him off, sucking at him… could suck him inside… harder, faster… big, puffy asshole gnawing on his cock… shit, yes… here it…

It didn’t matter how loud he screamed, so he bellowed awkwardly. Tore his throat up as his muscles seized and his cock juddered arrhythmically into his ex-girlfriend’s huge anus. Was she clenching? She was so huge, it was impossible to tell! His cock kicked a few more times, sending a thin stream of his juices deep, deep inside the recesses of Miranda’s cavernous ass, never to be heard from again. He laughed at the thought of his sperm experiencing vertigo. Finally he could relax, laying limp between her buttocks, collapsing upon her asshole and letting his penis twitch pleasantly in her grip.

After a couple moments Miranda turned her head and called out, “Hey, you done back there? I don’t feel you moving.”

She couldn’t hear his response, if there was one. “All right, smack my ass once for yes or two for no. Are you done?”

That was dumb: if he moved at all it totally didn’t register. “Okay, how about this: squirm really hard once for yes, and don’t move at all for no.”

That worked. There was a wriggly little guy dancing in her butt this time. She smiled broadly. “You like that, babe?” He vibrated again. “That’s nice, I’m glad to hear that. But you know what: now you got me all horny again. I don’t know what to do with you, so I’m just gonna get myself off real quick and you can just… ride with it, I guess.”

Before Ricky could ask what that meant, her immense butt cheeks closed in on him. One heavy mound sagged and fell upon him, pinching him securely into place. He hadn’t even had time to extract his cock from her asshole! He was simply pasted in there, with Miranda’s big butt clamping down on him, as all the light disappeared and only a thin breeze drifted below his feet.

It was hot and humid in her ass. Ricky wasn’t uncomfortable but he was totally immobile. He had enough air for the time being, though he still wished he knew what was going on outside, where “outside” was everything beyond Miranda’s big round butt. He could almost laugh at the thought. His feet stuck out of her crack, the only indication of fresh air he could detect. They probably looked stupid, two tiny bare feet, jutting out of two huge, bulging butt cheeks. Again, he wished he could see.

Everything around him churned. The pressure of her ass cheeks shifted from left to right, one wall of flesh weighing upon him, then the other. Without his having to do anything, Miranda’s asshole clenched on his cock, sore and sensitive from cumming so hard, now swimming in his own spooge. Here was the lubrication he wanted a few minutes ago, and now it trickled around his balls and slipped into his own ass. Ricky grimaced, but he couldn’t move a finger to wipe it up.

Miranda stretched out and fingered herself again. Why couldn’t she and Ricky ever cum together? He always waited until she did, then he would, and half the time she needed another orgasm to finish her off. That was the only flaw in their lovemaking, everything else was perfect, or it had been. She clenched her eyes and pursed her lips, trying to picture his shoulders, his hips, his pert butt. He had a nice goddamn ass from biking and volleyball. But now he was tiny, those hard, sculpted cheeks were no bigger than BBs now. She couldn’t run her fingers over his back as he slowly ground into her pussy. All she could do was try to picture how he looked, stabbing a finger or two inside her juicy cooch, while clenching the solid mass between her butt cheeks.

Her cheeks began to pulse and throb. Was she bouncing? The giantess squeezed Ricky tightly, over and over, relenting and crushing him faster and faster. He grunted, trying to brace himself for the increasing impact. There was no way for him to let Miranda know she was being a little rough with him. He hoped to God this wasn’t intentional. Would she do that, just use him to cum hard and trash him? As apt an act of revenge that might be, he wanted no part of it. He wanted to fuck her ass again, he wanted to fuck her tongue again. Maybe not today, but sometime in the near future. He wanted her to shrink him down and stick him where she wanted him and use him however she needed to get herself off.

Was this part of it? He wondered, as Miranda’s huge asshole fluttered and milked his cock. It was much more active now than it had been when he was fucking it. She was… yeah, she was actually getting herself off. He grinned, constricted though he was, realizing how her anxious and jumpy asshole, swelling against his hips, meant that his lover was using him in some abstract way to achieve another orgasm. Okay, he could tough it out, if that’s what this meant.

But what would it be like, Miranda wondered, to have both of them? What if she had Ricky in her mouth while Bruce fucked her? What if she had her ex-boyfriend dancing around inside her pussy, while she sucked her actual boyfriend off? She gasped and groaned and wondered if that could ever work out. Her fingers slurped noisily between her labia, hooking and patting inside her, and she arched her back to bounce gently on the mattress. She didn’t want to hurt little Ricky like this, but holy fuck, she wanted to thrash much harder than she had been. Remembering Ricky’s hot, lean body was one thing, but picturing him jammed helplessly into her ass was something else. She giggled briefly, gasping as the tension ratcheted up within her, her whimpers taking on a violin-like tone as she got closer, closer…

The tremors stopped around Ricky. Her ass clenched him hard, then slowly relaxed. It was no longer muscle that was pinching him, but the simple weight of gigantic Miranda compressing him. He still couldn’t move his arms at all, but he felt a warm, gooey trickle running over his ankles. That was a good sign, he thought. She’d just need a few minutes to catch her breath, and then she’d let him out and… what? Maybe they’d have a little pillow talk, describe their experiences. Plan for the next time, get some cameras set up, trade ideas on things they wanted to do. Or else she’d simply wash him down in the sink and restore him to his regular size.

What was that nonsense about not having any growing-restorative candies? Was she fucking with him? She had to have some. There was no way she was going to keep him like this forever. Would she? No, of course not.


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