Vintage Size Fantasy

This is a collection page for Size Fantasy-appropriate works, both books and short stories, published prior to mid-20th century. My concern is that there’s a ton of vintage, Golden Age work that could be lost to time because 1) there’s new stuff coming out all the time, and 2) no one knows how to find this stuff.

This is going to be my personal record of links to stories, so you can read Size Fantasy before it was even a thing. Some of these are really fantastic and deserve renewed attention.

Giant People

Tiny People

8 thoughts on “Vintage Size Fantasy

  1. Good lord, that “Six Inches” was extraordinarily difficult to finish. There are eighteen different ways I’d have written that differently.

    Thank you for compiling these works! You do good things.

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    1. Thank you! I kept seeing these stories flash by and I’m like, “No, people should know about these. More people than me.”

      Yeah, Bukowski would write a very specific kind of Size story, wouldn’t he.

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  2. I don’t know if it’s available online, but the translations of J.C. Mardrus (Arabic->French) and Edward Mathers (French->English) of One Thousand and One Nights contains at least one tale featuring giants, including one in which a giant princess receives intimate comfort from the protagonist. Mardrus’s translation is widely considered to include his own additions to the collection of Arabic folktales. I read somewhere that the giant princess scene was “no doubt influenced by Swift and the Maids of Brobdingnag.”

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    1. That’s true, I forgot all about that. And recently I was reading some folklore about some Middle Eastern hero who fell in love with a giantess princess, and he has to break into an underground fortress to see her again. Wonder if I can find that.

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      1. As I recall, the giant king decides that the protagonist must be some kind of talking bird and gives him to his daughter. In the Mathers (re-)translation, she calls him her “cock,” which eventually lends itself to a double-meaning, which might not have made it into the Spanish translation. I also seem to recall it might be Night #804.


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