Interview with Nika Venom at SizeCon 2020

At the fourth SizeCon I met with a few creators in the Size community. Amid the hustle of a busy weekend, I got a few minutes to chat with model/actor Nika Venom about her history, vision, and experiences with the convention.

A gigantic Nika Venom looms over Aborigen's little writing desk, jaws open wide.

Aborigen: Would you mind introducing yourself?

Nika Venom: Yeah, hi! My name is Nika Venom.

How did you hear about SizeCon?

I actually heard about SizeCon from Raquel Roper. I started on Vore Vixens and Bratty Foot Girls as well, and I was doing giantess and vore. The category just really popped off for me, so they invited me out here and I’m having a good time.

Were you originally into size play or is this something you’ve moved into?

My very first fetish shoot ever was size play. It was always something I really had fun doing but never knew I was interested in. I knew that when I was gonna go shoot it, I was always really pumped and excited. I’ve only been in the industry for a year, so throughout the months I’ve realized what I like and what I don’t like, and this is definitely one of the things I like.

What do you like about it?

I think I kinda like the power play that it has to do. It’s very fantasy-related, it’s all imagination, it’s all special effects. You really have to get into either the subspace or just be really dominant, you really have to get in there and dig deep. It’s not just like regular fetishes where it’s easy, you know, like vanilla fetishes where it’s obvious, it’s right there. These are more mental. So, really, what I like about it is being able to have control over [someone] mentally, like, tap into their brain. Kinda like a mind-fuck in a game.

That’s very intense! This isn’t like a casual performance for money, but you’re really thinking around it.

Yeah, my whole entire goal is definitely to have every single viewer who buys a video [to] be really into the scene as much as possible, like really getting inside their head. It’s a lot of fun.

Have you had a chance to talk with a lot of people who consume your work?

I’m not sure. I’ve had a lot of people come up to me and buy prints. They all seem a little shy. No one’s really come up to me and said, “I buy your videos, I like your content” yet, but I’m sure they will tomorrow. At least I’m hoping so, because I want to meet people! I want to talk to them and say hi, at least.

Aw, they should know about that.

I’m not scary in real life, unless you want me to be. I tell everybody I don’t bite unless you want me to.

Anything else about the Size community or the fetish itself?

I will say everyone here is extremely nice. It’s a whole different community than… I went to FetishCon, and the people in this community, the Size community are all very sweet, they’re very kind, very understanding. As for right now, everyone seems very intelligent and no one’s being super-intrusive. Everyone knows their manners here, so, definitely, the community here is amazing. 

Thank you very much for your time.

Absolutely, it was a pleasure.

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